• Weather
In Hurghada enjoy an almost perfect climate of year round cloudless skies, hot constant sunshine and an extremely low occurrence of rainfall. The summer weather in Hurghada is a continuous pattern of hot sunny days displaying beautifully clear cloud free skies without any hint of rain. Temperatures range from 26c in May up to 35c in August. Cool sea breezes will bring relief and in the evenings temperatures fall sharply and can feel surprisingly chilly. Winters last from December until April and continue with this perpetual sunshine for the most part accompanied by very warm temperatures of around 20-22c. Winter weather in Hurghada will enjoy at least 6 hours of daily sunshine. Rainfall remains rare and is likely to be no more than a brief. Sea temperatures are constant at 20c making snorkeling and diving possible year round and winter evenings will invariably be chilly, seeing temperatures as low as 5c.

  • The Desert
The desert ferociously blazing, deeply silent, apparently empty. Majestic and imposing in its simplicity. A holiday in the area isnt complete without a visit to the desert, whether to a natural location; to one of the unexpected, hidden historical sites scattered throughout this crossroad of civilization that has been for centuries the Red Sea, or to the natural marvels of the sea itself. In Hurghada, many excursions can be done to some outstanding sights.

  • The Sea
The sea crystalline with its million hues of blue, its fertile, healthy marine life, unpolluted, a triumph of nature. It is the only medium size Egyptian town on the Red sea and as such it offers a unique atmosphere suitable for practicing different water sports.

  • Weather in Hurghada
Maximum Minimum
January 19C / 66F 8C / 46F
February 22C / 72F 10C / 50F
March 25C / 77F 12C / 54F
April 30C / 86F 17C / 63F
May 35C / 95F 21C / 70F
June 38C / 100F 23C / 73F
July 40C / 104F 26C / 79F
August 38C / 100F 25C / 77F
September 36C / 97F 23C / 73F
October 33C / 91F 20C / 68F
November 27C / 81F 13C / 55F
December 23C / 73F 10C / 50F
  • Time zone
GMT +2 hours

  • Language(s) spoken
Arabic is the official language of Egypt. Most Egyptians understand and speak at least a little (if not much) English, French, Italian, Russian and German.

  • Electrical system
Local voltage is 220 to 240 volts AC.

  • Time and distance to city centre

5 minutes drive to city center (0.1 kilometers)

  • Traveling to Hurghada From Cairo

    • By plane: approximately 50 minutes
    • By bus: approximately 6 hours

Hurghada Airport is just 10 minutes away, with Egypt Air serving as the main carrier from Cairo and major European hubs.

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